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* Trump News From Tuesday:
* Jan 6 Committee seeks talks with Giuliani,
* Trump speechwriter’s testimony subpoenaed by 1/6 Panel!

The committee issued subpoenas for two close aides, Andrew Surabian and Arthur Schwartz, to former President Donald Trump’s eldest son on Tuesday.
Politico: Jan. 6 panel subpoenas Trump Jr. advisers, Trump speechwriter
Credit: Mike Stewart/AP


Salon: Jan. 6 committee on Capitol attack wants to talk to Rudy Giuliani

Bloomberg: Trump Speechwriter’s Testimony Subpoenaed by Capitol Riot Panel – Subpoenas also sent to two advisers to ex-president’s son

Daily Kos: On Monday, a federal judge took a line of questioning that ought to have Trump and Trumpworld quaking in their boots. Specifically, federal district Judge Amit Mehta dared to ask whether Trump’s failure to immediately denounce the violence of Jan. 6 was a sign that he approved of the horror that unfolded that day. The fact that a judge is even asking those questions in open court at all is telling, to put it mildly.

Truthout: “Stick to the Facts” — Judge Rejects Claim That Trump Urged “Peace” on Jan. 6

Salon: National Archives: Trump allies caught using forged documents to overturn 2020 election

WDIV-4 TV Detroit: Documents show a group from Michigan attempted to overturn the 2020 election by sending false documents to the state, the courts and the nation

Daily Kos: The 14th Amendment bars insurrection plotters from government. It’s about to be tested – on Trump supporter Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC)

MSNBC MaddowBlog: Kevin McCarthy already planning retribution after midterm races – Kevin McCarthy is making plans to use future power to punish House Democrats he doesn’t like. This GOP scheme will not end well.

* Yelm’s city council chooses 2 new council members,
* Joseph Richardson, Line Roy seated in Positions 2, 6!
Yelm City Hall
Credit: City of Yelm

Yelm council’s 2 vacant seat filled

+ Position 2: Joseph Richardson: “Richardson, 38, is an associate pastor and administrative assistant for an insurance company with a Yelm High School education and minister’s certification. Married and father to one, he has held no public office, but noted he is the Yelm Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors president elect, a member of the Yelm Police Department’s Independent Investigation Team and the committee chair for Young Life Highway 507,” quoting the Nisqually Valley News, July 13, 2021.

+ Position 6: Line Roy: “’I’m really proud to call Yelm home,’ said Roy, who is the executive director of the Yelm Chamber of Commerce. ‘I want to continue to say that. I think my vision for Yelm over the next five, 10 years, is (for it) to continue being a family-friendly, fun place to be. We’re a city that loves to invite tourists. I definitely want to see it grow sustainably and continue to have that small-town feel with all of the amenities that a large city offers,’” quoting the Nisqaully Valley News, October 12, 2021.

  • Editor’s note: Line Roy was asked by Councilors Smith and Hess about her conflicts of interest in being a Chamber Executive Director and serving on the council. Roy acknowledged conflicts with anything, however she said is committed to serving the community, underscoring she is an advocate for small businesses.
  • The Chamber policy is to refer their members exclusively and to support small businesses.
  • However, would the Chamber’s 4 members on the council also be ecumenical in championing large businesses, i.e. a big box store like Target wanting to enter the Yelm market? Or Marriott wanting to open a Courtyard Hotel here, which would compete with the Prairie Hotel? Or AMC Theaters wanting to build a multiplex here, competing with the local theater?
  • In addition to Executive Director Roy, 3 council members are in businesses that are Chamber members (Crossman/PTL Hardwood Floors, Kaminski/Windemere Real Estate, Richardson/Yelm Prairie Christian Center). They and Ms. Roy are going to have to be very cautious about even an appearance of a conflict of interest, as these four can be perceived as council’s quorum in their voting block for the Chamber.
  • Two Chamber Board members (Ms. Roy & Mr. Richardson), a current member/former Chamber Board member (Ms. Kaminski), and current member (Mr. Crossman) can have the potential to unduly influence the council implicitly.
  • And Joe Richardson should have recused himself from voting to affirm Line Roy as a council member tonight, as he is listed on the Yelm Chamber Board.
  • There may not have been a thorough due diligence by every city council member on the entanglement of these relationships.
  • This city council has now become very conservative in their ideology. Hopefully, they will also be more fiscally conservative and responsible in comparison to the councils of the previous 12 years.

* Regional, National News from Monday:
* Important to take photos, document any flood damage to your residence,
* CBS 60 Minutes: The Great Resignation: Why Americans are quitting their jobs!
Why more Americans are quitting their jobs than ever before
Credit: CBS News 60 Minutes.


+ Thurston County Emergency Management: Important to take photos and document any damage to your residence from flooding. FEMA, State and Local EM will coordinate a damage assessment and will be going out working on this in the next few days.

+ South Sound Business: December Cools South Sound Real Estate Activity But Not Prices

+ JOLT News: United Way launches Emergency Assistance Fund to help those impacted by flooding

+ The Olympian: Sunday saw record COVID cases in Washington state. Rate of COVID patients in ICU rising – For the past seven days, Washington has had a sharply upward trending case rate.

+ Best Life: Alaska Airlines Is Getting Rid of This on Flights, Effective Immediately – The latest round of changes will affect passengers for the rest of January.

+ Truthout: [Seattle-based] Starbucks Workers in Chicago, Ohio and Oregon Join Unionization Efforts


CBS News 60 Minutes: The Great Resignation: Why more Americans are quitting their jobs than ever before

CNBC: 2021 ranks as fifth hottest year on record as global greenhouse gas emissions rise

Associated Press: Deadly extreme weather year for US as carbon emissions soar

Associated Press: Biden’s low profile on Guantanamo rankles as prison turns 20

The Washington Post Opinion: West Virginia’s coal miners just made Joe Manchin’s life a lot harder, whose union is redoubling calls for Manchin to support President Biden’s agenda.

Forbes: U.S. Natural Disasters Cost $145 Billion In 2021 — 3rd-Costliest Year On Record

* Virus news from Monday:
* How COVID hospitalizations are reported is changing in one state [Mass.] ,
* Omicron explosion spurs nationwide breakdown of services!
“Massachusetts is changing how hospitals report COVID-19 hospitalizations as some patients test positive for the virus after being in the hospital.” Credit: Kyle Green, AP via The Olympian


CNBC: Pfizer CEO says omicron vaccine will be ready in March

CNBC: Experts cast doubts over reported ‘deltacron’ variant, say likely due to lab contamination

CNBC: Moderna working with world health leaders on Covid booster for this fall that targets omicron

The Daily Caller: With Omicron Dominant, COVID-19 Is Now Less Than ‘Just The Flu’

The New York Daily News: Mayo Clinic fires 700 employees, 1% of its workforce, for refusing COVID-19 vaccine

Common Dreams: Congress Is Providing KN95s to Lawmakers. What About the Rest of Us?

The Defender: 4th COVID Booster Shot Could Cause ‘Immune System Fatigue,’ Scientists Say – As Israel moves ahead with fourth COVID shot, scientists told the New York Times the additional booster may cause more harm than good

AARP: What to Know About COVID-19 Testing for Travel – Over-the-counter tests have been scarce as omicron continues to spread

McClatchy Newspapers: How COVID hospitalizations are reported is changing in one state [Mass.]. Will others follow? “The fact that many patients weren’t primarily admitted FOR COVID but rather for other medical issues should add nuance to the ‘COVID hospitalization’ numbers.”

McClatchy Newspapers: Omicron explosion spurs nationwide breakdown of services – The explosion in omicron-fueled coronavirus infections has caused a breakdown in basic functions and services across America.

McClatchy Newspapers: Home COVID tests to be covered by insurers starting Saturday – Starting Saturday, private health insurers will be required to cover up to eight home COVID-19 tests per month for those on their plans.

McClatchy Newspapers: Health officials let COVID-infected staff stay on the job – Health authorities around the U.S. are increasingly taking the extraordinary step of allowing nurses and other workers infected with the coronavirus to stay on the job if they have mild symptoms or none at all.

* Trump news from Monday:
* Civil, criminal lawsuits are closing in,
* GOP Senator breaks with Trump, says election was “Fair”!

Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney testify before the House Rules Committee.
Jan. 6th Committee Chair Bennie Thompson and Vice Chair Liz Cheney testify before the House Rules Committee, seeking contempt of Congress charges against former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, at the Capitol on Dec. 14, 2021.” Credit: J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo, via Politico


Politico: Judge mulls whether Trump’s silence on Jan. 6 could amount to ‘agreement’ with rioters – During a hearing on civil lawsuits stemming from the Capitol attack, Donald Trump’s lawyers claimed sweeping immunity for the former president.

Associated Press: Georgia DA investigating Trump closer to decision on charges – charges could come as early as the first half of this year.

Politico: Jan. 6 panel ramps up investigation into Trump’s state-level pressure – POLITICO has identified the information the committee has received from key swing states, as lawmakers prepare to take their findings public.

Talking Points Memo: Romney Defends GOP Senator Who Trump Slammed As ‘Woke’ For Daring To Call Election ‘Fair’ and that Donald Trump lost. [Ed. note: Is there a crack beginning in the GOP standing up to Trump?]

The Washington Post: Trump, Giuliani and Brooks urge judge to toss Jan. 6 lawsuits in hearing yesterday – citing incendiary statements by them and others last Jan. 6 prior to the Capitol riot were protected speech and in line with their official duties. [Ed. note: This case being tossed is probably not going to happen. Ya think!]

The New York Times Maureen Dowd: Trump’s coup attempt reaches its second stage – MAGA crowd is working hard to institutionalise big election lie in crucial states

MSNBC’s MaddowBlog: So much for ‘nothing to hide’: Jim Jordan balks at Jan. 6 probe – Rep. Jim Jordan said in July, in reference to the Jan. 6 investigation, “If they call me, I got nothing to hide.” He’s since changed his mind.

The Washington Post: Biden faces delays in undoing Trump’s war on efficient dishwashers and lightbulbs

CNN: Former cult member: Trump used techniques and tactics exactly the same as a cult

CBS News Sunday Morning: How will history judge former President Trump?

* Olympia man is prime suspect in Jehovah’s Witness hall arson,
* Flurona cases now in U.S. – simultaneous flu and COVID-19,
* Covid variant combining omicron and delta, called “deltacron”!
Credit: Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Yelm


+ The Olympian: Arrested Olympia man is prime suspect in Jehovah’s Witness hall arson, shooting attacks

+ The Olympian: Thurston County median home price rises to new high to end 2021 – Home sales, though, were flat on a year-over-year basis.

+ KING-5 TV: Inslee rescinds ban on Affirmative Action in Washington – Will this reignite a fierce and charged debate over the role of government in such matters?

+ McClatchy Newspapers: Washington Supreme Court rejects redistricting lawsuits – If lawmakers want to make changes, they must do so within the first 30 days of the legislative session, which starts today.


Sludge: Biden and GOP May Find Bipartisanship by Elevating Big Pharma’s Pick to FDA Head

CNBC: Pelosi says GOP efforts to restrict voting laws is a ‘legislative continuation’ of Jan. 6

Common Dreams: Greenland’s Ice Sheet Has Lost Mass for the 25th Year in a Row – A new report also noted that a rain event was recorded for the first time near the apex of the ice sheet.

NRDC: Giving Birds a Fighting Chance – The Biden administration has officially revoked Trump’s cuts to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act—and more promising actions are on the horizon.

The Washington Post: Ahmaud Arbery’s killers sentenced to life in prison, two with no possibility of parole

CBS News Mornings: Comedy Central’s Jordan Klepper reflects on the inherent satire of the January 6 insurrection

MarketWatch Opinion: Civil war in the United States is far more likely than you think. In fact, it may have already begun.


MedScape: Health authorities in California, Texas, and Kansas have reported cases of “flurona,” in which people have seasonal flu and COVID-19 at the same time.

The Defender: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will have eight months — not the 75 years it requested — to release all documents related to the licensing of Pfizer’s Comirnaty COVID vaccine, a federal judge ruled Thursday [Jan. 6].

NBC News: Many patients hospitalized for other ailments are also testing positive for Covid

CNBC: Cyprus reportedly discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and delta, called “deltacron”


Daily Kos: Jan. 6 committee now investigating Trump’s role in a criminal conspiracy to overturn election

The Washington Post: Cyber Ninjas, the firm hired to conduct an election review in Arizona, ordered to pay $50,000 a day in sanctions until it turns over records from the review sought by the Arizona Republic newspaper.

Salon: Donald Trump should be very afraid: This anniversary was not good news for him

MSNBC’s Cross Connection: New York Attorney General Letitia James subpoenas Donald Trump’s two eldest kids as part of a civil investigation. Their defense? It would complicate the ongoing criminal investigation into Trump Org.

The Washington Post: Trump’s Cable Cabinet: New texts reveal the influence of Fox hosts on previous White House

The Sunday Morning Report –
News tidbits for Yelm area readers!
City of Yelm Government Facebook post:
Congratulations to the new Mayor and City Council who took office on January 1st. Front: Mayor Joe DePinto, Rear: Councilor James Blair, Interim City Administrator Todd Stancil, Councilors Joshua Crossman, Holly Smith, Brian Hess, Terri Kaminski.


+ From Yelm’s Mayor Joe DePinto:

What a busy but super productive first week in office. We accomplished so much and I’m loving having the ability to transform the culture at city hall and create positive change for the community that has given me so much throughout my life.

I am meeting with every single city employee and really appreciated hearing their ideas and suggestions on how to improve operations for both the employees and the people we serve. One major change we are going to consider is changing business hours at city hall to Monday-Thursday 7am-6pm, giving those working folks more time to access city services at a time more convenient for them.

Another big thing that happened this week was we came to a tentative agreement with the Teamsters Union (they rep most of the public works employees) for a new working contract. This was supposed to happen last year but talks stalled. I really enjoyed negotiating and working with the city team and Teamsters team to reach an agreement that was fiscally responsible for the taxpayers but also fair and equitable for our hard working employees at Public Works.

There’s so much I want to talk about for our accomplishments this week but ill stop on a subject that I know folks are going to be excited to hear about. Yesterday I spoke with the CEO of South Sound YMCA and we agreed that we should start those conversations up again. Next month I will be speaking to the Y’s Board of Directors on how we can bring a Yelm Branch YMCA to fruition.

It’s been an amazing first week in office and I can’t wait for Monday to come around and get back at it. Have a great weekend everyone!


+ KING-5 TV News: Snoqualmie Pass on track to open Sunday

+ KING-5 TV News: Floodwaters begin to recede but impacts linger in Lewis County. Officials said even if water looks low, people should not pass road barricades or “Road Closed” signs.

+ KOMO-TV 4 News: Leavenworth declares disaster due to record-breaking snow

* Emergency I-5 northbound repair this weekend in DuPont,
* Sidney Poitier died: trailblazing, barrier-breaking Black actor,
* Adam’s Bagels owner takes his tasty bagels on the road!
Well known around Yelm, Adam’s Bagels owner Adam Dealan-de takes his tasty bagels on the road for “if you know, you know” delivery. Photo credit: Tony Overman, The Olympian


+ JOLT News: Expect over 10-mile backups for emergency roadway repair on northbound I-5 in DuPont [this weekend]

+ Office of The Governor: Inslee issues emergency weather proclamation

+ U.S. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler: Flooding and emergency management resources

+The Seattle Times: Boeing keeps giving big money to lawmakers who voted to overturn the election after Amazon, Microsoft stopped

+ Associated Press: Alaska Air trims January flights 10% to cope with virus outbreak – “unprecedented” numbers of employees calling in sick during the current COVID-19 surge.

+ The News Tribune (Tacoma): Order the best bagels around the South Sound from this enterprising man with a van [order at]


NBC News: Moderna CEO Bancel says people may need another booster by the fall [Ed. note: How many boosters will you take?]

NBC News: Omicron in kids leading to a new but familiar illness: croup

NBC News Out: At least 7 states proposed anti-trans bills in first week of 2022

CNBC: Covid hospitalizations surge in New York City, but fewer patients are in the ICU

Judicial Watch: New CDC Records Detail Agency Head Walensky Wanted Details of Death of Teenager Reported to Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is not investigating the death of a 13-year-old Michigan boy who died June 16, 2021, of myocarditis three days after his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in The Defender: “There’s a reason CNN’s Jake Tapper is intent on branding me a “menace” and “a liar,” and why he refuses to debate me on the merits of facts and scientific evidence. Here’s the back story.

“My current book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” may be the most heavily footnoted volume to ever sit atop global best-seller lists for six consecutive weeks. With 500,000 copies sold, it has attracted a whopping 5,500+ five-star reviews (92%).

“Despite extreme hostility toward this volume from mainstream media and the medical cartel, no one has yet identified a factual inaccuracy in its 250,000 words.

“If my book is baseless conspiracy theories, then shouldn’t Mr. Tapper welcome an opportunity to correct me with facts or arguments that go beyond name-calling?”


NBC News: Sidney Poitier, trailblazing Hollywood icon who broke barriers for Black actors, dies at 94

Click here for Sidney Poitier receiving America’s highest award in the arts, the Kennedy Center Honors 1995

The Oprah Winfrey Show on OWN: Sidney Poitier’s Heartfelt Surprise That Made Oprah Cry

The Olympian: Psychedelic magic mushroom component could help with PTSD and depression, study finds

Truthout: As Cryptocurrency Becomes Mainstream, Its Carbon Footprint Can’t Be Ignored – As Bitcoin prices rise, so will incentive to mine it, creating a feedback loop that spells trouble for the climate.

The Washington Post: Americans adopted millions of dogs during the pandemic. Now what do we do with them? – With the country thrust into uncertainty by the omicron variant, a nation of dog lovers grapples with how to return to ‘normal life’ and care for their pandemic pups


CNN’s Jake Tapper from Jan. 6, 2021: I want people to remember how they feel right now because there is going to be an attempt by the people who were a part of this effort to whitewash what’s going on right now.

The Defender: International Finance Leaders Hold ‘War Game’ Exercise Simulating Global Financial Collapse. Should We Be Worried?


MSNBC News: Pence and McConnell are really not going to like this chart

MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: Ted Cruz accidentally told the truth about the Jan. 6 attack [said this was a ‘terrorist attack’], and then ran to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson to beg the right for forgiveness.

NBC News: January 6 busts a key myth about Trump supporters (and rioters) – Research on Capitol riot suspects from Jan. 6, 2021 exposes several telling misperceptions.

Truthout: Trump Was Against Telling Mob to “Stay Peaceful” During January 6, Former Aide Says

I-5 now open, earlier that expected!

“I-5 reopens in Washington state earlier than expected following flood closure”

“Hours after rising floodwaters prompted the closure of a 20-mile stretch of Interstate 5 in Thurston and Lewis counties, state officials reopened the interstate Friday, saying the water receded faster than expected.

Both directions of the interstate were reopened between Chehalis and Grand Mound, Washington about 1 p.m., according to the Washington State Department of Transportation. State officials previously predicted that the closure could last until Sunday. The Chehalis and Skookumchuck rivers, swollen from rain and melting snow, were not expected to crest until later Friday,” quoting The News-Tribune (Tacoma).

Lacey closes Rainier Rd. at the RR trestle,
Rainier/Bald Hill residents: do not use Rainier Rd. to Lacey!
“Lacey has closed Rainier Road, south of the Horizon Pointe neighborhood at the train tracks, after the area began to flood, the City Council learned late Thursday.” Credit: City of Lacey Courtesy via The Olympian

Lacey closes Rainier Road, south of Horizon Pointe, after area floods

“Lacey has closed Rainier Road Southeast, south of the Horizon Pointe neighborhood at the train tracks, after the area began to flood, the City Council learned late Thursday.”

“City Manager Scott Spence announced the closure, saying the area was under about six inches of water. Heavy rains have pounded the area and are expected to continue through Saturday.

“Spence said the road could reopen this weekend, but he also pointed out that more rain is in the forecast for next week,” quoting The Olympian.

+ The Olympian: Thurston County sees widespread flooding as rain pours down. Which rivers are impacted?

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