April 17, 2018

The Seattle Times asks:
Can Pierce County farmer Wilcox help state GOP in 2018?

Rep. JT Wilcox
Photo credit: WA. House Republicans

– Form the Seattle Times:
“Can Pierce County farmer and historian help state GOP stave off a Democratic wave in 2018?”

“Washington Rep. J.T. Wilcox is the new Republican state House minority leader. His first test is to guide GOP candidates through the November elections in what could be a challenging political year.”

“Wilcox’s first challenge is to recruit candidates for this fall’s elections and help chart an electoral path in a year where many are forecasting a Democratic wave across the country.

Democrats hold a two-seat majority in the House and control the Senate by just one-seat. If Republicans gain control of a chamber — or force a 49-49 tie in the House — they’d gain enormous leverage on taxes, spending and other government policy,” by Joseph O’Sullivan, Seattle Times.
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April 16, 2018

Trump announces gov’t to back off states with legalized cannabis

Photo: Noexcuseradio; Edited: LW/TO

– “WA State Cannabis Businesses to Remain Federally Undisturbed — for Now”
“President Trump announced the government would back off legally regulated cannabis at the state level”

“On April 13, it was announced that President Trump pledged to U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado that he and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions would back off from prosecuting legally regulated state cannabis programs. That same day, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson made a statement regarding the announcement.”

“In the South Sound, cannabis has made a significant impact on the economy. According to 502data.com, in Pierce County, there are 44 legal cannabis retailers, and 63 legal cannabis producers and processors….In Thurston County, there are 25 legal cannabis retailers, and 85 legal cannabis producers and processors. Legal cannabis sales in 2017 totaled $118 million, with $16 million in excise tax collected,” quoting the South Sound Business Journal.
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April 16, 2018

Yelm’s 22nd annual Arbor Day announced for April 27th

Credit: Arbor Day Foundation

Yelm’s 22nd Arbor Day Celebration announced by Mayor Foster
Friday, April 27th, 11AM, Yelm City Park

From the City of Yelm:
“The City of Yelm has been recognized by the Washington Department of Natural Resources and the National Arbor Day Foundation as a Tree City since 1997. To achieve the recognition, four standards must be met each year, one of which is a proclamation and observation of Arbor Day.

Yelm’s Arbor Day is organized by the Tree Advisory Board, representing civic leaders, educators, and private citizens. The Arbor Day celebration is an event involves presenting Yelm’s sister city, Lacey, a tree, recognizing local students talents, and local school bands and choirs. Yelm’s Arbor day is one of the largest in the State and is held the last friday (sic) in April at Yelm City Park.”
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Arbor Day 2017 at YHS, tribute to teacher Ed Bergh
Photo credit: Yelm Community Schools Newsletter

“Beautiful tribute to Mr. Bergh by teacher Tasha Johnson at the City Arbor Day Celebration. Mayor Foster and the Tree Advisory Board dedicated the Golden Ginkgo Tree selected by the Landscape class which the students thought best symbolized the character of Mr. Bergh,” quoting the Yelm Community Schools Newsletter, The Highlighter.

April 16, 2018

Yelm contractor in the news for “Detail-driven organic marketing”

– “Detail-driven organic marketing fuels Yelm contractor”
“The word “handyman” evokes images of a friendly local guy who can fix most of your home problems, but maybe isn’t quite equal to a full-blown professional.

“Patrick LeBlanc and Zach Medeiros don’t feel that’s quite right. The two, partners at Family Man Handyman Professional Services in Yelm, are out to change that perception.

“‘The ‘handyman’ often has a lesser value than a general contractor in people’s minds,” LeBlanc says. “We took that guy and gave him a uniform, gave him great communication skills, and made him very professional.”

“It seems to be working. Family Man has earned 85 out of 86 five-star reviews and multiple Super Service Awards on Angie’s List. That is a big deal to LeBlanc and Medeiros, both of whom pride themselves on the high esteem and wide customer base the company has earned via reputation marketing,” by South Sound Business.
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Click here to read the Yelm Blog introduction of April 14, 2016.

April 15, 2018

Benefits shown of community gardens in fighting crime,
Yelm will have the city’s first community garden soon!

– Editor’s note:
Yelm will join the national trend with the city’s First Community Garden”
“Bounty for Families” presents the Yelm Community Garden program!
The first one will be located in the Yelm City Park by the Community Center.
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– “Fight Crime With Gardens”
Story at-a-glance
* In U.S. cities, about 15 percent of land sits vacant or abandoned; these spaces are associated with increased crime and stress to residents, especially in low-income neighborhoods

* Researchers “greened” abandoned lots, cleaning up trash and debris, grading the land, planting grass and trees to create a park-like setting and installing a low wooden fence around the perimeter to signal that the lot was being cared for

* Significant benefits were reported due to the greened lots, including a significant reduction in gun violence, burglaries and nuisances, with the latter two falling by 22 percent and 30 percent respectively

* In neighborhoods below the poverty line, the transformed lots reduced overall crime by more than 13 percent and gun violence by nearly 30 percent

* Residents also reported significant benefits, including feeling 58 percent less fearful of going outside due to safety concerns
By Dr. Mercola.
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April 14, 2018

Workplace job stress/overworking can be toxic to employees,
New book “Dying for a paycheck” argues for human sustainability

Dying for a Paycheck, by Jeffrey Pfeffer
From the Stanford Graduate School of Business:
“In one survey, 61 percent of employees said that workplace stress had made them sick and 7 percent said they had actually been hospitalized. Job stress costs US employers more than $300 billion annually and may cause 120,000 excess deaths each year. In China, 1 million people a year may be dying from overwork. People are literally dying for a paycheck. And it needs to stop.

In this timely, provocative book, Jeffrey Pfeffer contends that many modern management commonalities such as long work hours, work-family conflict, and economic insecurity are toxic to employees—hurting engagement, increasing turnover, and destroying people’s physical and emotional health—and also inimical to company performance. He argues that human sustainability should be as important as environmental stewardship.
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– Book Overview
“In this timely, provocative book, a Stanford business professor contends that many modern management practices are toxic to employees—hurting engagement, increasing turnover, and destroying their physical and emotional health—and to company performance, as he offers ways to build human sustainability at work.

“You don’t have to do a dangerous job—in coal mine or on a construction site, commercial fishing boat, or an oil rig—to endure a health-destroying, possibly life-threatening, workplace.”

“Exploring a range of important topics, including layoffs, health insurance, work-family conflict, autonomy, and why people remain in toxic environments, Pfeffer offers guidance and practical solutions all of us—employees, employers, and the government—can use to enhance workplace wellbeing. We must wake up to the dangers and costs of today’s workplace, Pfeffer argues. Dying for a Paycheck is a clarion call for a social movement focused on human sustainability. Pfeffer makes clear that the environment we work in is just as important as the one we live in, and with this urgent book, he opens our eyes and shows how we can make our workplaces healthier and better.” by author Jeffrey Pfeffer, HarperCollins Publishers.
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April 13, 2018

Walmart remodels 4 South Sound stores – Yelm not on the list

– “Four South Sound Walmarts part of $56M remodel plan”
“Walmart announced Wednesday morning [April 11] that several area stores are going to see remodels this year.

“Supercenters in Bonney Lake, Lakewood, Spanaway and Tumwater all are on the retailer’s remodel list for 2018.

“The work is part of an estimated $56 million Walmart is spending in the state to upgrade 16 stores and roll out in-store and online innovations, including its new pickup towers.

“Other remodel sites announced Wednesday: Covington, Ephrata, Everett, Kennewick, Oak Harbor, Pasco, Port Angeles, Richland, Spokane, Wenatchee and two stores in Vancouver, Washington,” by Debbie Cockrell, Tacoma News-Tribune.
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April 12, 2018

Ecology prohibits vessels dumping sewage into Puget Sound

Vessel on Puget Sound

– “New rule prohibits vessels from discharging sewage into Puget Sound”
“Puget Sound soon will be off limits to sewage from ships, boats or other vessels, under a new rule that takes effect on May 10.

“Maia Bellon, director of the state Department of Ecology, established the new no-discharge zone following a five-year comment period and approval by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

“The new rule bans the discharge of any type of sewage, treated or untreated, within Puget Sound. Vessels looking to empty their loads will need to use a pump-out station or wait until they are out of the no-discharge zone.”
“The no-discharge zone will include all marine waters of Washington state east of a line between the New Dungeness and Discovery Island lighthouses, north to the Canadian border and as far inland as the fresh waters of Lake Washington, and all the water bodies that connect Lake Washington to Puget Sound [including south Puget Sound],” by KOMO-TV 4 News, Seattle.
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April 11, 2018

Introducing Candidate Anneliese Feld (D-Graham) for LD2, District 1,
“A Woman’s Place is in the House, so let’s send here there!”

Anneliese Feld, Candidate LD 2 District 1.
Photo credit: Citizens for Feld

– Candidate Feld’s campaign motto:
“A Woman’s Place is in the House, so Let’s send here there!”

– Editor’s note:
I sat down in Yelm last week with Anneliese Feld, Candidate for LD 2 District 1 to meet this dynamic and accomplished woman. Candidate Feld is a warm and sincere individual with a persistence in running for office to serve our district, all constituents in the district. I so enjoyed our spirited discussion on the issues about which she is passionate: Taxes, Traffic, Equality, and Homelessness. I expect to hear more great things from candidate Feld throughout the year. She shared her vision with Blog readers in the next paragraph.

– LD 2 District 1 Candidate Anneliese Feld shared this with the Yelm Blogger:
I am running to represent people in our district; all people in our district, not just those that are old enough to vote. This is important to me because the voting record of my opponent does not support most of us. In order to represent all people, I am eager to meet and speak with everyone I can, but I need help. On a good day, when I go knocking on doors I only catch about 30% of people at home. That’s not surprising, we all lead busy lives. So I’m asking for help to meet people where they are and experience first hand what is most important to them. If there are groups, meetings, events please invite me to come, even if it’s to help the wonderful groups of people who voluntarily pick up trash on Vail Rd. in Yelm; I’ll meet you there with a trash bag!
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– About Anneliese Feld
“Anneliese is a Washington native. She grew up in poverty being raised by a single mom. After loosing two jobs to outsourcing, she realized she needed to go to college. It wasn’t easy, but Anneliese is now writing her dissertation for her PhD. She lives in Graham with her husband and daughters. Anneliese is a real person like all of you. She wasn’t born into a life of luxury, so she understands the true impact of policies on working families and wants to work hard to represent all of them!”
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April 11, 2018

Yelm Fastpitch makes news for being among the state’s elite this season

– “Yelm Fastpitch Poised to be Among State Elite This Season”
“Although it is admittedly a different squad the team is putting up results very similar to last year as the Tornados opened the season a perfect 7-0, outscoring opponents a combined 55-8 with a trio of shutouts.

“And as for the pressure?

“‘There’s always pressure. We just approach it differently now,’ [YHS Senior Drea] Schwaier said.

“So, what’s the secret?

“‘The main thing is we’re just here to have fun,’ said Schwaier, one of five seniors on the roster. ‘You can’t relive your senior year. So, that’s what we’re going to do this year,'” by Grant Clark, in Thurston Talk.
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