July 23, 2021

* U.S. Life Expectancy plunged in 2020,
* Plastic bag ban coming to WA state Oct. 1,
* Trump says he spoke to a ‘loving crowd’ at Jan. 6 rally!

U.S. Life Expectancy Plunged in 2020, Especially for Black and Hispanic Americans
Credit: The New York Times Morning Report


+ The Chronicle (Centralia): Snazas join other WA sheriffs backing Second Amendment, Constitution

+ The News Tribune (Tacoma) vai MSN: Plastic bag ban coming to WA state covers curbside pickup, too – effective Oct. 1st

+ The Olympian: Olympia Symphony’s Concert at the Capitol returns as ‘musical party’ 6p.m. Sunday

+ Yelm Bounty for Families: Now Hiring Community Garden Manager

+ KING-5 TV: ‘100 days without Js’: Resident orcas absent from Salish Sea for more than 3 monthsThis is the longest absence of a “resident” pod from the Salish Sea since the Orca Survey began in 1976.


New York Daily News: Top U.S. Catholic church official resigns after cellphone data allegedly links him to gay bars, Grindr hookups on ‘near-daily basis’ [Ed. note: how would you like your personal information outed by Grindr?]

TODAY on NBC: This ad featuring Olympic champion, 100, and new Olympian, 13, will give you chills

Truthout: Departing From Trump-Era Practices, Garland Pushes DOJ Independence From White House

The Points Guy: Las Vegas workers ordered to wear masks indoors as COVID-19 cases surge again

KING-5 TV: China rebuffs WHO’s terms for further COVID-19 origins study [Ed. note: What ARE they hiding?]

The American Prospect: Biden Advisers Ride on Pegasus Spyware – The NSO Group, now part of a Washington Post exposé, has for years enlisted powerful consultants to save its reputation.

Medscape: Necessary or Not, COVID Booster Shots Are Probably on the Horizon


MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber: Trump CFO [Weisselberg] waives right to remain silent during arrest [Ed. note: Really? Is this guy even aware of just how much potential exposure he has in front of him to be doing such a thing? Or is he as delusional to reality as his boss?]

ProPublica: Trump Properties Draw Far Less [revenue from] Campaign Spending in 2021 From PACs

The Washington Post: Trump says he spoke to a ‘loving crowd’ at Jan. 6 rally

NBC News: Trump used ‘individual personality’ while Biden is more collaborative, Japanese PM says

MSNBC’s Frank Figliuzzi: Trump’s indicted inaugural chief is going through an awful lot of trouble to cover something up

July 22, 2021

* Alaska cruise industry reinstated from Seattle,
* Inslee on U.S. not opening border for Canadians to visit,
* AARP’s 99 Great Ways to Save for 2021!

Latest news: Royal Caribbean opens the industry's first Alaska season since September 2019. Serenade of the Seas set sail from Port of Seattle yesterday, and Ovation of the Seas to soon follow in August.
Royal Caribbean opened the first Alaska cruises since 2019 from Seattle, July 19th
Credit: Royal Caribbean


+ Office of Gov, Jay Inslee: Statement on federal decision to maintain U.S.-Canada border closure

+ The Olympian: Bail set at $50000 for Yelm man accused of firing shot at Thurston deputies on Saturday

+ Thurston Talk: Summer 2021: What’s Open? Places To Play in The Water In Olympia and Throughout Thurston

+ Yelm Emanuel Lutheran Church: Emanuel Summer Bazaar – Sat. July 24th, 9am-4pm, Yelm Emanuel Lutheran Church

+ NVN: Chamber Awards Highlight Exemplary Businesses in Yelm

+ NVN: Yelm’s Second Mermaid Festival Deemed a Success

+ NVN: Cochrane Park Brings Storybooks Alive

+ NVN: Council Approves $50000 Change Order for Cochrane Park Contract


McClatchy News: Vaccinated people can still get COVID. Here are the most common symptoms, study says

The Miami Herald: US is No. 4 in the world with most orphaned children by COVID deaths, study finds

AARP: 99 Great Ways to Save – Our best, all-new, list of ideas can save you thousands of dollars!

CNBC: U.S. life expectancy dropped by 1.5 years in 2020, biggest drop since WWII

CNBC: WHO chief warns that the world is going into the ‘early stages of another wave’

NBC News: Pentagon review: What happens if ‘nuclear football’ is lost?

The Washington Post Opinions : The pandemic has changed course again. The Biden administration urgently needs to do the same

Reuters via MSN: Eric Clapton says he will cancel shows at venues that require COVID vaccination


CNN: Prosecutors had evidence last year to charge prominent Trump ally Tom Barrack

Truthout: Investigating Trump Is “Absolutely” a Possibility, Says January 6 Commission Chair

The Washington Post: Allen Weisselberg resigned from the top of the Trump Organization. So who’s running the company now?

Daily Kos: Trump insurgents came within seconds of capturing ‘nuclear football’ on Jan. 6

July 21, 2021

* City’s reorganization brings fresh mindset – finally!
* Yelm seeks upgrade funding for Loop’s connecting streets,
* A historical perspective.

SR 510 Yelm Loop Stage 1 opens to traffic | Mayor of Yelm, R… | Flickr
Mayor Ron Harding is the first driver on Yelm Loop’s stage 1.
October 21, 2010
Credit: flickr.com

The City of Yelm has a new leader of planning in Cody Colt

With Yelm’s Community Development Director Grant Beck retiring after almost 19 years later this month, the city announced that planning functions will report to Public Services Director Cody Colt, who brings a fresh perspective that is quite noticeable.

The Nisqually Valley News reported last week that Colt is applying for funding to update the city’s roads that will eventually connect the Yelm Loop (SR 507). Quoting Dir. Colt, the roads are “definitely not up to par. We’re working on that now and just kind of forward-thinking to get those roads done.”

The Yelm Loop’s city surface roads interface – A Historical Perspective

Mayor Ron Harding requested in November 2008 that WSDOT divide the Yelm Loop into 2 stages for a 1.1 mile stage 1 could be completed when he was mayor. Harding knew that Gov. Christine Gregoire had no funding slated for the Loop in the budget until the 2021-2023 biennium. WSDOT transferred engineering and right-of-way funding from stage 2 to construction funding for stage 1, for Harding to have his ribbon cutting on what became known as the High School Bypass.

When stage 1 opened to traffic on October 21, 2010, the Loop ended at Cullens Rd., a narrow 2 lane road passing through neighborhoods with children and families. Commuter and truck traffic would be going onto city surface streets not designed to carry such loads.

I noticed the long-term use of city surface streets to mitigate this traffic was not included in the Joint Comprehensive Plan with Thurston County and I brought this issue to the attention of then County Commissioner Sandra Romero during her monthly citizen coffee chats in Yelm, April 26, 2010.

Commissioner Romero invited me to meet with officials at county offices to discuss my observations, since I noted part of Stage One of the Loop (Bypass) was outside city limits and in the county. She found my comments valid for review with the Comprehensive Plan Updates of the city & county. I concurred.

Thurston County officials agreed with my assessment and subsequently revised the City of Yelm 20 Year Transportation Plan (2005-2030), since this was a join city-county plan.

The official joint city-county planning document had an appended note at the top stating, “Joint Plan Only – Y3 SR 510 to SR 507 (SR 510 Loop): As of 2010, improvements beyond Cullens Road are not funded, aside from right-of-way acquisision (sic). These Improvements are expected to be funded within the 20-year planning horizon.”

Mayor Harding was livid because light was shined on the facts that unimproved city streets were used for Loop traffic because 1) there was no funding to improve them to proper standards, and 2) that the City of Yelm did not notify their county joint plan partners of this information.

The City of Yelm has done little to improve the Cullens connector street since the Loop opened 11 years ago, except to slightly widen the northbound lane and blacktop the surface.

Now, Director Colt seeks to obtain funding to finally improve the Loop’s connector street within city limits.

Grant Beck’s NVN comments last week were misleading and not historically accurate

I penned this Letter to the Editor of the Nisqually Valley News:

Regarding the story on the Yelm Loop in the July 15 edition of the Nisqually Valley News, Community Development Director Grant Beck is incorrect when he said, “The bottom line is that it was so successful (in helping) the state produce right-of-way acquisition costs that they were able to construct stage one with the money that was allocated for design.”

This is misleading and not historically accurate. Former WSDOT Bypass Project Manager Bill Elliott addressed the Yelm City Council on November 13, 2007, and first discussed council’s questions about splitting the bypass into two phases (or stages), according to the council’s minutes. Then in November 2008, former Mayor Ron Harding wanted to demonstrate his “promises kept’’ campaign pledge about traffic mitigation, and requested WSDOT to divide the “Yelm bypass” into two phases.

Then-WSDOT Bypass Project Manager Dennis Engel was quoted in the Yelm Community Blog in January 2009 saying, “The city of Yelm is working with the Legislature about the possibility of splitting the project into stage 1 and 2, and changing some of the funding to construction so stage 1 could be built. … One possible solution is to move some of the PE [engineering] and right of way [R.O.W.] for the stage 2 area money to construction of the stage 1 work.”

That was what actually occurred; reallocating PE and R.O.W. money to build stage 1, because the city was told funding to complete the bypass was deferred on former Gov. Gregoire’s budget to the 2021-23 biennium, years after Harding would be out of office. Mayor Harding then could have his October 2010 photo op at the stage 1 ribbon cutting of 1.1 miles. The 3.4 miles of the remaining bypass is currently slated to open Fall 2025, Beck’s revisionist history not withstanding.

Click here for the published NVN Letter to the Editor.

July 21, 2021

Yelm Chamber’s Nisqually BBQ Rally July 24 !

Saturday, 10am-7pm
Credit: BBQRALLY.com

Nisqually Valley BBQ Rally this Saturday – Yelm City Park

+ Thurston Talk: Nisqually Valley Barbecue Rally 2021 is ‘Saucier and Smokier Than Ever

July 21, 2021

* Denny Heck pens book about Congressional days,
* Builders pull back as more homebuyers are priced out of the market,
* Trump 2017 inaugural fund chairman arrested on federal charges!

May be an image of ‎text that says '‎Denny DennyHeck Heck PULLING BACK THE CURTAIN ON CONGRESS, AMERICA'S BOARD OF DIRECTORS Sausage ۔ sausages. Ûa You should Û never watch them being made. BISMARCK‎'‎
Denny Heck’s up-coming book-cover.
Credit: Denny Heck’s Facebook

Ed. note: This is one book I am excited to read!


+ KING-5 TV: Costco makes change to COVID policy as cases rise – In a reversal, Costco plans to keep offering an hour of shopping two days per week for seniors, people with disabilities and the immunocompromised.

+ The Olympian via MSN: Thurston commission approves plan to fund non-profit grants for pandemic recovery

+ KING-5 TV: United Airlines to suspend service at Everett’s Paine Field this fall – leaving Alaska Air as lone carrier

+ The News Tribune (Tacoma) Heat wave triggers surge in illnesses caused by eating oysters, Washington officials say

+ South Sound Business: Seattle-based Amazon Pledges to Hire 100,000 U.S. Veterans and Military Spouses by 2024 


CNBC: Builders pull back as more homebuyers are priced out of the market

MSNBC: Nicolle Wallace: I served the GOP for 20 years. It’s my responsibility to reveal what it’s become.

Common Dreams: CO2 Emissions to Reach “All-Time High” as Rich Nations Skimp on Clean Energy

KPIX-5 TV (SFO): Santa Clara County Revises Official COVID-19 Death Toll Down by 22 Percent

The Washington Post: U.S. and E.U. security officials wary of NSO links to Israeli intelligence

The Washington Post: Justice Department seeks 50-year bar to release of grand jury material [Ed. note: This is where I break with Biden’s DOJ!]

The Washington Post: How to reduce home water use in an age of drought and climate change


Business Insider: Trump’s 2017 inaugural chairman charged with 7 felony counts of illegal lobbying, obstruction of justice, and false statements [Ed. note: Will this guy cooperate with prosecutors providing information about Trump to reduce his exposure?]

July 20, 2021

* SmileMobile in Yelm July 20-22,
* WA. state’s rising COVID-19 cases bring concern, anxiety,
* TRPC’s Transportation Priorities Survey seeks your input!

Credit: The Arcora Foundation SmileMobile


+ City of Yelm: The Arcora Foundation SmileMobile in Yelm July 20 – 22, 2021

+ KOMO-4 TV: Washington state’s rising number of COVID-19 cases stokes concern, anxiety – 19 counties are all showing an upswing, including those counties with relatively high vaccination rates like King and Jefferson counties.

+ The Seattle Times via The Chronicle: Other Regions Have Specific Plans for Heat Waves; Experts Say Puget Sound Cities Need Them Too

+ The Olympian via MSN: Thurston County tenants facing rent increases as governor’s rent protections expireAfter 15 months of de-facto rent control, prices are now surging.

+ JOLT News: New Transportation Priorities Survey seeks your input – Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) is assessing community needs

+ Thurston County Auditor: Voter Registration Deadlines for the August 3 Primary Election

+ The Olympian via MSN: Here’s why Thurston County residents who need an ambulance might be waiting longer – Thurston County EMS responds to more than 36,000 911 calls a year.

+ Thurston Talk: Thurston EDC Helps Shiplap Shop of Yelm Open New Location

+ The Bellingham Herald via MSN: Canada to reopen its border for fully vaccinated Americans starting Aug. 9; U.S. uncertain – Americans will have to prove they are fully vaccinated to gain entry into Canada.


CBS Austin via MSN: Six fully vaccinated Texas Democrats test positive for COVID-19 in D.C.

The New York Times: Wary and Weary, Los Angeles Largely Accepts Restored Mask Mandate – Los Angeles County on Sunday became the first major county to revert to requiring masks for all people indoors in public spaces.

ZeroHedge: “This Is Worrying Me Quite A Bit”: mRNA Vaccine Inventor Shares Viral Thread Showing COVID Surge In Most-Vaxxed Countries

MSNBC’s MaddowBlog: The Pegasus Project media index

Truthout: If the Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, It Will Impact Us All

Common Dreams: Massive Data Leak Shows Israeli Spyware Targeted Journalists Around the World

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough: America’s future can feel frightening. Here’s why I’m still optimistic. This new reality requires each of us to speak truth to power, report the news fairly and work collectively to bring our country together.


Business Insider: Trump aide [Corey Lewandowski] says they paid actors to appear at his 2016 presidential campaign announcement

CNBC: Trump’s Justice Department declined to prosecute Wilbur Ross over census citizenship question testimony [Ed. note: Ross is the 6th Trump cabinet secretary his DOJ declined to investigate, even though the Inspector General found such was warranted in each case.]

The Los Angeles Times: In Trump’s Jan. 6 recast, attackers become martyrs, heroes

MSNBC’s Opinions: Trump’s 2020 loss gave the GOP the last key to ‘win’ the midterms – The plan involves manipulating elections before, during and after voters’ trips to the polls.

The Washington Post via MSN: Man sentenced to 18 months after threatening to assassinate federal judge overseeing Michael Flynn case

July 19, 2021

Your vote matters – so be sure to cast your ballot!
City of Yelm voters have several Primary selections!

Elections Department
Credit: Thurston County Auditor
  • From Council member and Yelm Mayoral candidate Joe DePinto’s Facebook post [used with permission]:
    “Ballots should [have arrived in your mailbox] for the August 3rd Primary Election.
    I’m not on this ballot (I’m in the November General Election), but there are 3 council races and 2 local measures that will be on your ballot if you’re inside the Yelm City Limits.
    I believe this is first election where Yelm has seen 3 council seats with a primary election at the same time. Thank you to everyone who is running! Win or lose, you are putting yourself out there and stepping up. That’s a lot more than most are willing to do to improve their community. May the odds be ever in your favor.”
  • The SE Fire Authority Proposition is asking for a levy lid lift and I am supporting it. This is a replacement levy that will not increase your taxes. It replaces the levy that was approved by Yelm voters in 2016 and will go towards maintaining operations. Please vote YES for our Fire Authority!
  • The Medic One Proposition would increase the levy rate of .29 cents per $1000 of accessed property value to .50 per $1000 over 6 years. They do a lot of good but I think they could have asked for small incremental increases in the past rather than this huge increase all at once. That’s the biggest reason I’ll be a NO on Medic One.
  • These are just my two cents, feel free to vote however you choose. If you have any questions please let me know and if you want to learn more about this election and the issues, here’s a link to the voters guide https://voter.votewa.gov/GenericVoterGuide.aspx?e=870&c=31#/
  • About Yelm’s city council Primary races:

+ NVN: Primary races: Candidates for Yelm Council Position Three Detail Their Priorities for City – In August’s primary race for Yelm City Council Position No. 3, candidates Jalane McAtee, Joshua Crossman, Wilburn Hutcheson IV and Leon Bodden are vying for the seat.

+ NVN: Candidates for Yelm City Council Position Four Face Off The primary race is underway, with candidates Holly Smith, Steffen Burney and Kayla Russell, vying for position four on the Yelm City Council.

+ NVN: Incumbent Takes on Two Challengers in Yelm City Council Primary – Incumbent Terry Kaminski is facing candidates Joseph Richardson and Christopher Chai for Yelm City Council Position No. 7 in the August primary election. 

July 19, 2021

* Questions answered on the Capitol Lake draft environmental report,
* Yelm man in his 70s fires gunshots at county deputies,
* Yelm’s Shiplap Shop to open 2nd location in Tenino!

A couple walks along Capitol Lake in Olympia.
Credit: Tony Overman, The Olympian


+ The Olympian: 10 questions answered about the draft environmental report for Capitol Lake

+ KIRO-7 TV: Yelm man in his 70s fires gunshots at Thurston County deputies

+ The Chronicle (Centralia): Yelm’s Shiplap Shop hopes to open 2nd location this October in Tenino

+ San Juan Islander: Yelm man found deceased in upside down vehicle in a pond on Orcas Island

+ The News Tribune (Tacoma): It’s wildfire season in WA. When can we expect smoke to arrive west of the Cascades?

+ The News Tribune (Tacoma): Interactive map shows wildfires burning in Washington, elsewhere in the United States

+ The News Tribune (Tacoma): This Washington exhibit combines influences of Native generations and contemporary issues

+ Common Dreams: Oregon’s Growing Bootleg Fire Is One of 70 Raging in US West Amid Heatwave

+ KING-5 TV: Washington Sen. Cantwell quizzes airlines on delays, worker shortages


The Points Guy: US State Department warns of 18-week wait times for passport applications

CNBC: Covid deaths on the rise again in the U.S. after weeks of decline, CDC says

The Washington Post via MSN: Current, former police officers charged in new Proud Boys indictment in Capitol riot

MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: Poll shows sharp partisan divide over confidence in science – It’s absurd, but science is effectively becoming a culture war issue, alongside traditional fights over religion, reproductive rights, and gun violence. [Ed. note: Science, too, has been politicized and weaponized by various agendas, so of course there is a breakdown of confidence in science.]

The Points Guy: Paying respects, one last time, to TWA Flight 800 [Ed. note: 25 years after the aircraft’s demise, the reconstructed air-frame will be finally destroyed.]


The Daily Beast: Explosive Interview Directly Implicates Trump in Tax Scheme

The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser: “You’re Gonna Have a Fucking War”: Mark Milley’s Fight to Stop Trump from Striking Iran

MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: Why Trump’s response to Gen. Milley makes an awful story worse

The Washington Post via MSN: ‘A propaganda tool’ for Trump: A second federal judge castigates attorneys who filed a lawsuit challenging the 2020 results

Business Insider: Judge slams a pair of pro-Trump lawyers for ‘just repeating stuff’ the former president ‘is lying about’ after dismissing election fraud case

MNBC Opinions: Whiteness helps shield Donald Trump from election consequences – Trump hasn’t been punished for trying to “stop the steal.” As a lawyer this literally makes no sense to me.

Politico: Ticket sales are moving slowly for the coming Trump-O’Reilly stadium tour

The Daily Kos: Cyber Ninjas fall into eternal funk, as actual review of Arizona ballots turns up nothing

MSNBC’s Maddow Blog: Biden admin sends Trump’s showerhead rule down the drain – At Trump’s insistence, the Department of Energy created ridiculous water-flow standards for showerheads. The Biden administration is undoing the policy.

MSNBC’s The Last Word: ‘White Privilege Card’ found in raid of men charged with plot to bomb Democrats

Prevail by Greg Olear [Ed. note: a revealing interview from 2020]: Full Disclosure: An Interview with Noel Casler – The former “Celebrity Apprentice” talent handler on what he saw behind the scenes.

The Daily Kos: How Donald Trump threw Leona Helmsley an anvil when she was going under on tax fraud charges – “The charges that Rudy Giuliani, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, filed in 1988 against “Queen of Mean” Leona Helmsley were quite similar to the state charges brought by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. against the Trump Organization and its CFO Allen Weisselberg.”

July 18, 2021

America’s editorial cartoonists on last weeks highlights!

“Past looms large in future of voting rights”
Credit: David Horsey, The Seattle Times
Political Cartoon.
“Cracked voting rights”
Credit: R. J. Matson, Roll Call
“Tourists on hold”
Credit: Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“Climate change sticker shock”
Credit: Steve Sak, The Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
“Biden vs Jim Crow”
Credit: Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer
“Tucker Carlson”
Credit: Steve Sak, The Star Tribune (Minneapolis)
Jack Ohman: Machine politics ...
“Machine Politics”
Credit: Jack Ohman, The Sacramento Bee

“Political Climate Change”
Credit: Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer

July 17, 2021

* Lummi Nation’s totem pole starts journey to D.C.,
* See 82-year-old Texas Dem crush GOP voting bill on TV,
* Trump supporter on Jan. 6th: ‘We were just there to overthrow the government’!

A totem pole carved by The House of Tears Carvers of the Lummi Nation starts its journey from Bellingham, Wash., to Washington, D.C. Wednesday, July 14, 2021. Credit: Warren Sterling, The Bellingham Herald


+ The Bellingham Herald: ‘Red Road to D.C.’ calls for tribal consultation on projects that impact Native resources

+ The Chronicle (Centralia): Mayor Max: Councilor Max Vogt Appointed as Centralia Council Leader [Ed. note: Many Yelm old-timers will remember Max.]

+ KING-5 TV: ‘Best meteor shower of the year’ | When to see the Perseids

+ South Sound Business: The area’s lumber industry has dealt with large-scale changes over the decades, but still stands as a mighty economic player in the South Sound and beyond. In Thurston County, the 82 percent of the forestland acres are working forests, according to the Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA).


MSNBC celebrates their 25th anniversary: Mine was the second voice ever heard on MSNBC. 25 years later, our future is limitless. By Brian Williams

MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber: The new ‘Poll Tax’: See 82-year-old Texas Dem crush GOP voting bill on TV

Truthout: Despite January 6 Pledges, Companies Begin Donating to Republicans Again

CBS News: A federal judge in Texas ordered the U.S. government on Friday to close the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to new applicants, saying the Obama administration did not have the legal authority to grant deportation relief and work permits to undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen granted a request by Texas and other Republican-led states. [Ed. note: Of course this occurred in Texas under Republican requests!]


MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber: Weisselberg’s daughter-in-law reportedly told prosecutors Trump was involved in tax scheme

Business Insider: A Trump supporter who stormed the Capitol told book author the rioters weren’t there to ‘steal things’ or ‘do damage’: ‘We were just there to overthrow the government’

MSNBC’s Deadline White House: Michigan AG: Election workers are resigning en masse to avoid threats

MSNBC Opinions: New Trump books are great gossip — but publishing too late to help – We needed to know these details about Trump’s coup attempt months ago

MSNBC’s The Reidout: Former Trump admin. official Miles Taylor: GOP is biggest threat to America’s national security

MSNBC’s Morning Joe: Book details former AG Barr’s realization that Trump would lose the 2020 election

MSNBC’s The Last Word: How Donald Trump corrupted the Republican Senate – Former Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NE) joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss what happened to the Senate and Mitch McConnell in the last 25 years: “It’s like watching a different human being.”


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