October 21, 2020

Yelm Blogger asks Thurston Auditor’s Office about Voting Security!
Be sure yo vote – your vote does matter!

Thurston County voter information.
Credit: USA Today

  • Editor’s note: Your vote matters!
  • I reached-out to the Thurston County Auditor’s Office with the following voting security questions below.
  • Click here for Thurston County Elections information.
  • My sincere thanks and appreciation to the fine staff of the Auditor’s Office for all they do to ensure our votes are properly counted:

1. How does Thurston County coordinate to protect voting in conjunction with Homeland Security, the FBI, and other agencies? 

We meet regularly with federal, state and non-profit partners to learn more about trends in misinformation campaigns. 

We report misinformation to our partners so it can be escalated for labeling and possible take-down. 

2. Can you provide updates about potential threats and/or how constituents can report such if they hear of any?  

If you see anything at all, email us as soon as possible. You can directly report mis or disinformation to us at disinfo@co.thurston.wa.us 

The specific categories we’re most worried about are messages that misinform voters about voting dates and procedures and anything that undermines faith in elections. 

3. How is the County going to handle “poll watchers” who show up with weapons [at ballot prepossessing centers]? Is there a plan with law enforcement?

We are working with local law enforcement agencies to ensure our voting infrastructure is protected. We have been meeting with our local partners for months to share updates and coordinate efforts. 

4. What measures are in place to protect against my ballot being suspended by someone else through VoteWA

  • We have measures in place to ensure the balloted matches the voter. If it was “suspended” it really means that it will be held for 7 days and then counted. 
  • Only one ballot will be counted per registered voter. 
  • Counties will process all ballots received, once the signature is verified on the envelope.   
  • Once a returned ballot is received by county election offices, the signature on the return envelope is checked against the signature on file in the voter’s registration record.  
  • If the signature matches, the voter receives credit for voting and the ballot is prepared for tabulation to take place at 8 p.m. on election night. Once a ballot has been accepted, no other ballot can be accepted or printed for that voter.  
  • If the signature does not match, the county elections office will contact the voter to cure their signature. If the voter reports they have not returned their ballot, information will be turned over to county sheriffs and prosecutors to be investigated. A new ballot will be issued to the voter if it’s before election day. 
  • This is another benefit of voting early. Voting early reduces the unlikely chance that someone would print a replacement ballot using your name.  
  • At any step along the way, a voter can verify their ballot status on VoteWA.gov 
  • If another ballot is requested the first ballot is put on hold. If the second ballot isn’t received the first ballot is counted. 
  • The state and county elections offices have instituted multiple levels of security over the entire vote-by-mail process, including both electronic and manual measures to maintain the integrity of the election.   
  • Activity on the online portal is monitored 24/7 to detect and prevent unusual activity, and manual backend processes protect against fraudulent attempts.  
  • Voter fraud is a class C felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of as much as $10,000. 

5. Why is it possible to access voter records with only a birth-date and name?

  • Not every registered voter has a driver’s license or state ID card.  
  • A driver’s license or state ID card is required to register to vote online. They are also necessary to change a voter record. 
  • However, once registered, we want all voters to be able to access their records and receive voter services via VoteWA public portal. Therefore, driver’s license or state ID card is not required to access your voter record. 

October 21, 2020

* Thurston virus cases a red flag entering 3rd wave,
* Lawyers can’t find parents of 545 migrant children separated by Trump Admin.,
* Trump records reveal his Chinese business pursuits!

County virus trends higher heading into 3rd wave
Credit: Thurston County Health and Public Services


BREAKING – New York Times: Trump Records Shed New Light on Chinese Business Pursuits – As he raises questions about his opponent’s standing with China, President Trump’s taxes reveal details about his own activities there, including a previously unknown bank account.

Team McChord welcomes 2020-2022 Honorary Commanders – includes Yelm City Administrator Michael Graham

Thurston Strong is offering a grant for independently-owned retail and restaurant operators that have experienced a significant economic impact – Applications will be reviewed in the order received through October 31 or until funds are depleted.

Washington state changes COVID-19 higher ed rules in response to campus outbreaks

Tracking Our COVID-19 Response: Washington virus cases “trending poorly”

Airport traffic rebounds to levels not seen since March, TSA says – will travelers lead to an exponential virus spread?

AMC movie theaters warns bankruptcy is on the table as cash runs low

Climate change threatens U.S. banks far more than they’re disclosing, by Steven M. Rothstein and Dan Saccardi, Ceres


Dr. Scott Gottlieb: U.S. about ‘a week away from a rapid acceleration’ of coronavirus cases

The coronavirus pandemic has caused nearly 300,000 more deaths than expected in a typical year

CDC Warns That Thanksgiving Gatherings Could Make You a Superspreader

A Third Coronavirus Surge Has Taken Root in the U.S.

Should you wear masks on public transportation? CDC urges Americans in new guidance

This 14-year-old girl won a $25K prize for a discovery that could lead to a cure for Covid-19


Why Former RNC chair Michael Steele endorses Biden for president

Trump cuts a ‘60 Minutes’ interview short, and then taunts Lesley Stahl on Twitter.

New York Timesç Trump Is Giving Up – Against both the coronavirus and Joe Biden, the president’s strategy increasingly accepts defeat.

Lawyers say they can’t find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by Trump administration

Exxon Mobil said a ‘hypothetical call’ where Trump got its CEO to donate $25 million to his campaign never happened

‘Mr. President, call off the dogs’: Tom Ridge says Trump’s calls for poll watchers ‘outrageous’

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance: If we have learned anything from the Trump administration, it’s that our government cannot function properly when people lose confidence in it.

75 ways Trump made America dirtier and the planet warmer – In the past four years, Trump has shredded environmental protections for American lands, animals and people.

This list was adapted from the Harvard Law School’s Regulatory Rollback Tracker.

Stanford researchers say they won’t be silenced after criticizing Trump’s coronavirus advisor Dr. Scott Atlas

Trump ups pressure on Barr to probe Bidens as election nears

William McRaven, former top special operations commander who oversaw bin Laden raid, says he voted for Biden

Trump Calls for Violence Against Adam Schiff [Ed. note: This incitement is against the law!]

From coast to coast, the Trump administration is locking Democratic leaders out of USPS facilities doing oversight

Flag-Waving Trumpers Crash Qasim Rashid for Congress Event. What Happened Next Will Inspire You.

UK’s Telegraph: How Trump built an invisible wall and won his war on migration

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh says his lung cancer is terminal

WaPo Op-Ed: Republicans, it’s time to choose between autocracy and a republic

October 20, 2020

Why is Yelm’s council spending on an education center study?
Public Works water/sewer upgrades should take priority!

The Yelm City Council on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Credit: Zoom screen capture
  • Story highlights
  • Council votes 5-1 to spend $135,000 in 2019 state funding for study,
  • Councilor DePinto was lone dissenter, citing “red flags.”
  • DePinto: too soon to take on more debt after borrowing to buy new city hall/land.
  • DePinto: This is a large amount of money, “This is a big ask.”
  • He also noted the lack of transparency, community involvement.
  • DePinto: dangerous to move on with the project, especially with the long term financial health of the city in question due to the coronavirus recession.”

Bottom line: The 2008-2009 city council overspent as The Great Recession was taking hold, which stymied their budget in 2009, the effects of which Yelm is still feeling a decade later, while Public Works maintenance/upgrades were deferred.

This council has been told the city requires between $15-$24 million to upgrade the water/sewer system. This while the city is accepting applications for major housing developments on the hope the city will be granted new water rights soon. Now how is the Public Works Dept. going to handle hundreds of new single family dwellings when their systems are so stretched already?

The council did not consider the costs of maintenance for this new building and those operations expenses may be too much to even move forward with this study, something they did not consider when they authorized purchase of a new library building here either. The city is still paying those annual fees for many more years from that debacle.

Yelm has not yet acquired the land where they wish this building to be located!

Why was Councilor DePinto the ONLY council member demonstrating any fiscal restraint due to uncertainties coming from the third peak of the pandemic? Why are this council’s priorities so misplaced? The state legislative funding does not need to be spent now!

Yelm Council Passes Design, Cost Estimate Agreement for Educational Center and Business Incubator

By Eric Rosanne, Nisqually Valley News:

The Yelm City Council on Tuesday, Oct. 13, voted to approve Mayor JW Foster entering a $134,641 contract with BCRA Design to prepare a conceptual design and cost estimate for a proposed educational center and business incubator to be built on the corner of Third Street and Washington Street.

The study, which is being paid for exclusively through state legislative funding the city received during the 2019 session, was passed 5-1 by the council during a regular business meeting, with council member James Blair absent for the vote.”

Council member Joe DePinto, who was the lone dissenting vote on the contract, said the action “draws red flags” especially so soon after the city made a purchase on its current city hall and the property.

“‘Regardless, I do believe this is going to cost us a lot of money, and for a study to show us it’s going to cost us a lot of money, I urge council to show some restraint here,’ he said. ‘This is a big ask, I believe.’

In a followup interview with the Nisqually Valley News, DePinto, an overall opponent of the project, added that he feels there hasn’t been enough feedback from the community at this point to continue with the project.

“‘When they went out for this, personally, I feel that there wasn’t as much transparency,’ he said. ‘This just sets the wheels in motion to go through with it.’

He also said that while he can understand the city using the legislative funds that have already been awarded, it’s dangerous to move on with the project, especially with the long term financial health of the city in question due to the coronavirus recession.” Read more

October 20, 2020

* WA. voter registration deadlines are coming up,
* COVID fatigue taking a toll on mental health and WA. hospitals,
* Christian leaders speak out against the president!

Boeing 737 MAX Certification Flight Getting Nearer ...
Boeing 737 MAX Certification Flight Getting Nearer. Credit: Getty Images


JOLT News: Voter registration deadlines are coming up

Europe’s civil aviation authority says Boeing 737 MAX safe to fly

Canada extends US border restrictions through Nov. 21 as coronavirus cases rise

Families, caregivers oppose DSHS budget cuts that could take help away from 20,000

Can air filters help prevent coronavirus spread in your home? Here’s what experts say

8 Great Reasons to Walk More

Why uncertain times make us susceptible to conspiracy theories — and how to protect yourself

Coronavirus Tanked the Economy. Then Credit Scores Went Up. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and skipped debt payments this year.


COVID fatigue taking a toll on mental health and Washington hospitals – Until a bed is available, psychiatric patients end up being shipped off to hospitals that aren’t equipped to treat them.

COVID-19 Spikes in Rural Areas While Hospitals Face Financial Crisis

Fauci says he’s not surprised Trump contracted Covid-19 – The infectious disease expert told “60 Minutes” that the president “sometimes equates wearing a mask with weakness.”

Trump mocks Biden for trusting scientists while Biden slams Trump for Covid-19 ‘lie’

Trump has turned hostile to his own disease experts. “People are tired of listening to Fauci and these idiots,” he told his campaign staff Monday, after task force member Anthony S. Fauci criticized the president’s failure to wear masks or avoid crowds.

Trump’s den of dissent: Inside the White House task force as coronavirus surges

Trump campaign whines about having to spar over coronavirus at debate with Biden


Christian leaders speak out against the president

Trump’s Advisers Tell Him to Be Nicer for Third Debate. He’s Already Attacking the Moderator.

Facebook suspends account of Ukrainian politician working with Giuliani

Republicans are ready to remember they hate the deficit again under Joe Biden – GOP deficit hawks hobbled the recovery from the Great Recession, dragging down an entire generation. And they’re ready to do it all again if Biden wins.

Former White House chief [Marine Gen. John Kelly]of staff tells friends that Trump ‘is the most flawed person’ he’s ever met

Trump Was Unsure of Victory Until Recently, He Tells Staff

Reagan’s son: We have grifters in the White House

A federal judge on Sunday struck down the Trump administration’s effort to end food stamp benefits for nearly 700,000 unemployed people, calling it “arbitrary and capricious.” 

Democrats hatch plans to counter Trump’s attempts to cast doubt on election results

Brian Wilson, Al Jardine disavow Beach Boys appearance at Trump fundraiser

October 19, 2020

Pete Souza’s touching documentary photographing 2 Presidents,
A moving and compelling story and tribute!

President Reagan and Nancy Reagan at Memorial Service for servicemen killed and wounded in Lebanon and Grenada at Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, N.C., on Nov. 4, 1983. Credit: Pete Souza, The White House via NBC News

  • Ed. Note: A very moving photo-journalist’s documentation as the photographer for Presidents Reagan and Obama.
  • Click here for the official trailer.

“Pete Souza: I photographed Obama and Reagan. Here’s why Trump’s White House is a national disgrace.”

“Our president lies to us every day about little things (crowd size) and big things (Covid-19). He disses allies and calls the press the enemy of the people. That is wrong.”

From NBC News: Pete Souza was the chief official White House photographer for President Barack Obama and the director of the White House Photo Office. A veteran photojournalist, Souza was previously the official White House photographer for President Ronald Reagan. Souza is the bestselling author of several books including “Obama: An Intimate Portrait” and “Shade: A Tale of Two Presidents.” His photos are the basis for the new Focus Features and MSNBC Films documentary, “The Way I See It.”

By Pete Souza, former chief official White House photographer:

“I’ve only exchanged four words directly with Donald Trump.

“Our first and only meeting happened two days after the 2016 election, when President Barack Obama met with the president-elect at the White House. The majority of the country was still in disbelief that Trump had been elected, despite being outvoted by close to 3 million votes. Many Americans were angry. Obama felt the need to ease tensions in the country, thus his gesture of inviting Trump to the White House so soon after the election.Read more

How to watch documentary on White House photographer Pete Souza, ‘The Way I See It’

Click here to buy Souza’s book, “Obama: An Intimate Portrait”

October 19, 2020

* Thurston logs new weekly COVID-19 cases high,
* Suicides at JBLM for 2020 so far match last year’s total ,
* U.S. Budget deficit record of $3.1 Trillion amid virus spending!

‘Rounding the corner’ on coronavirus? Or going in circles?
America has highest case load/hospitalizations since July.
Credit: Meet The Press, NBC News


Thurston County ends week with 148 COVID-19 cases, a new weekly high – third consecutive week of 100 or more cases.

Coaches, AD’s frustrated by new high school sports guidance from Thurston County health official

Suicides at JBLM for 2020 so far match last year’s total, records show. What’s to blame?

WSU postpones start of spring semester, eliminates spring break

U.S. Budget Deficit Hit $3.1 Trillion Amid Virus Spending Surge – A surge in spending, combined with falling tax receipts have sent the deficit soaring, complicating plans for additional stimulus.

Canada cracks down on Americans who break coronavirus rules

Roger McNamee: We have to ask whether social media today is ‘compatible with democracy’

Microplastics on the Ocean Floor Are 25 Times Greater Than Thought

Fall’s best meteor shower to peak on Tuesday night


Covid-19 Hits the Old Hardest, But the Healthy Longest – While we’re fighting to suppress a second wave, the number of people with so-called long Covid is mounting.

U.S. is staring down a ‘substantial third wave’ of coronavirus cases. Here are the numbers U.S. is staring down a ‘substantial third wave’ of coronavirus cases. Here are the numbers

Why the coronavirus is killing more men than women

How the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally may have spread coronavirus across the Upper Midwest

** TRUMP **

Trump says the quiet part out loud: He’s losing

A Regulatory Rush by Federal Agencies to Secure Trump’s Legacy

Why Trump vs. Biden is a lot like 2016 — and why it’s not

No surprise: The State Department engages in yet another coverup of money funneled to Donald Trump

New York Times:If he loses the election, Trump mused Friday, ‘Maybe I’ll have to leave the country.’

For the first time in decades, Arizona farmers are divided over presidency

Trump returned to Wisconsin for large campaign rally as coronavirus cases hit record levels

Wisconsin GOP Official Who Fought Mask Mandate Gets COVID Ahead of Trump Rally as Swing State’s Cases Soar

N.Y.C. Was Once a Bastion of G.O.P. Moderates. Then Trump Came Along.

Trump rally calls to ‘lock up’ MI Gov. after plot foiled against her – he laughed

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer: Trump is inciting domestic terrorism

Twitter removes tweet from top Trump Covid adviser saying masks don’t work

Trump’s COVID Rally in Harrisburg, PA. – Jordan Klepper Fingers The Pulse for The Daily Social Distancing Show

The Lincoln Project presents their music video for “Commander in Chief” by Demi Lovato [Ed.note: Expect to be moved!]

October 18, 2020

Part II: 4 years of Trump’s accomplishments in hindsight –
Trump reinvented “The Swamp” and how he filled it!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-6.png
Credit: Michael de Adder, Toronto Star
  • Editor’s note: President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” of government personnel in what he called the “Deep State.”
  • “The Swamp” was comprised of insiders involved in corruption and foreign influence working with power-brokers/money-changers to control America.
  • Yet, “Once he was in the White House, Trump didn’t merely fail to end Washington’s insider culture of lobbying and favor-seeking. He reinvented it,” quoting The New York Times: “7 Key Findings About Trump’s Reinvented Swamp
  • And, the following list below demonstrates how Trump reinvented the “swamp” excerpted from Bloomberg News [March 14, 2019]: Trump Team’s Conflicts and Scandals: An Interactive Guide

[Thanks and appreciation to Shelley Lucas for collating this list.]


Ivanka Trump — Acquired 12 lucrative Chinese patents, with fast-tracked approval, while serving as top WH advisor. Named as defendant in lawsuit against Trump Foundation, and banned from serving on a board for any charity for 5 years.
Donald Jr. — Actively sought Russian assistance in election campaign. Named as defendant in lawsuit against Trump Foundation, and banned from serving on a board for any charity for 5 years. A recent federal court filing suggests the Trump Organization he leads is under investigation for ‘insurance and bank fraud.’
Eric Trump — Eric Trump Foundation charity investigated for making payments to Trump businesses. Named as defendant in lawsuit against Trump Foundation, and banned from serving on a board for any charity for 5 years. A recent federal court filing suggests the Trump Organization he leads is under investigation for ‘insurance and bank fraud.’
Jared Kushner — Sought to create a direct ‘back channel’ with Russia for an unknown reason. Had to file more than 40 updates to disclosures for security clearance. Personally conducted Kushner Co. business with Japan at White House. Kushner Co. directly solicited Qatari government funding for troubled 666 5th Ave. (NYC) property, and was declined 1 month prior to Qatar Blockade. Was ultimately bailed out of said property by a Canadian company that is (inadvertently) heavily invested in by Qatar. Kushner Real Estate currently engages in aggressive and questionable eviction practices and litigation to push tenants out of rent-controlled apartments, even during the pandemic.  See ‘Dirty Money’ Season 2, Episode 3 — https://g.co/kgs/myGjH1

TRUMP UNIVERSITYSettled student fraud lawsuit for $25M

TRUMP FOUNDATION — Trump used foundation to pay personal debts, make political donations, and boost his election campaign. Charity was ordered to close, all assets distributed to charities, and defendants ordered to not oversee any other charity for 5 years. Criminal charges could also be forthcoming from a further investigation by NY tax authority.

TRUMP ORGANIZATION — Currently under investigation for Bank Fraud (and any number of other illegalities), and participation in hush payments to porn star and playboy playmate. A recent federal court filing suggests the Trump Organization is under investigation for ‘insurance and bank fraud.’


Steve Bannon, Campaign Manager #3 — Recently indicted and arrested for border wall fraud conspiracy.
Paul Manafort, Campaign Manager #2 — convicted felon, 7.5 year prison sentence currently suspended due to COVID-19.
Rick Gates, Deputy Campaign Manager — convicted felon, 45 day prison sentence (suspended).
Gen. Michael Flynn, Campaign Surrogate and National Security Advisor — convicted felon, pleaded guilty twice, sentencing still pending after next court date.
Roger Stone, Campaign Advisor — convicted felon, 40 month prison sentence (commuted by Trump).
Michael Cohen, Personal Lawyer/Fixer — convicted felon, 3 year prison sentence currently suspended due to COVID-19. New book Disloyal on The New York Times bestseller list.
George Papadopoulos, Foreign Policy Advisor — convicted felon, served 14-day prison sentence.


+ Paid extremely inflated prices to Trump Hotel for event spaces… under the direction of Ivanka Trump
+ Did not claim a number of expensive ‘in kind’ donations, such as event space at Union Station and wine served at events.

Elliot Broidy, Vice Chair of Donald Trump’s Inaugural Committee, former Republican National Committee deputy finance chairman, and former top fundraiser for the Trump campaign — Recently indicted in a foreign lobbying scheme for conspiring to serve as an unregistered foreign agent to defraud the United States.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Event Planner — $26M (25% of the $106M raised) was paid to the company she created 6 weeks prior to Inauguration, the single largest vendor to the event. Was made to be the ‘fall guy’ for any appearance of impropriety by the Inaugural Committee. Currently being sued by the U.S. Department of Justice for allegedly breaking a nondisclosure agreement in publishing the book.


Louie DeJoy, US Postmaster General — Is literally dismantling the USPS in the middle of a pandemic and preceding a General Election for no discernable reason (except to disrupt the vote? Destroy USPS business so it can become private?). Congress is also calling for an investigation into his investments that are conflict of interest, and his divestment of large amounts of Amazon shares, and purchase of stock options that allow him to buy new shares at much lower rate than current price.

Tom Price, Former HHS Secretary — resigned after exposure of $341,000 taxpayer-paid private and military jet expenses. 

Ryan Zinke, Former Interior Secretary — resigned amid a myriad of investigations involving a land deal with Haliburton Co., use of private jet (at taxpayer expense) for personal trips, and threatening Alaska Republican senators re: votes on health care

Scott Pruitt, Former EPA Administrator — resigned amid more than 12 investigations including taxpayer-funded travel, round-the-lock security, inappropriate expenses, use of aides for personal errands, and using his office to pursue a Chik-fil-A franchise for his wife. An estimated $4.5M in inappropriate taxpayer paid expenses.

Ben Carson, HUD Secretary — hired his son as event organizer, canceled $31,000 dining set purchase for his office after media attention.

Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary — initially did not provide standard of proof for use of military aircraft for 8 trips, costing almost $1M, including a trip with his wife to Ft. Knox. (apparently was approved later). Mnuchin’s “deal” to lift sanctions on Rusal was not as ’substantial’ as purported.

Wilbur Ross, Commerce Secretary — sold $50M worth of Invesco shares, 8 mos. after he promised to, earning an increased value of 14.1 percent.

Betsy DeVoss, Education Secretary — awarded contract worth up to $400M to debt collection company she had divested from just prior to cabinet post.

Elaine Chao, Transportation Secreatry, wife of Senate Majority Leader McConnell, alleged to have favored Kentuckians in meeting with officials seeking grants, meeting with them more than any other state’s representatives. Russian aluminum company owned by Oleg Deripaska who put a mill in Kentucky shortly after MCConnell’s former staffers lobbied to have sanctions lifted.

Brock Long, Former FEMA Administrator — investigated for using government vehicles and personnel to commute between WaDC and his home in North Carolina.

Carl Icahn, Former ‘Unpaid’ Special Advisor — was appointed to advise on regulatory reform. One regulation in particular, dealing with ethanol credits, for which his company received a ’special waiver’ — saved his company hundreds of millions of dollars.


USA Today: Fact check: President Donald Trump donates his salary, but he still makes money [Ed. note: Trump visits to his own resorts equate to taxpayer-funded revenues for his properties.]

Vanity Fair: Trump’s “Very Inexpensive” Golf Habit Could Cost More Than $340 Million

Golf New Net: Donald Trump visited the golf course for the 293rd time as President [as of Sept. 27, 2020, an we foot the bill!]

FOX News: Trump’s Bedminster golf club charged taxpayers $1.1M for Secret Service even while closed during pandemic: report

The American Independent: Hunting, golf, and MAGA rallies: 12 times Trump made taxpayers foot the bill for him

The Washington Post: Trump has shredded norms. Here’s an exhaustive — and still partial — list. A guide to what the next president will have to unwind

MSNBC: New York Times’ Trump taxes bombshell reveals massive national security threat by Frank Figliuzzi.

The New York Times: A Regulatory Rush by Federal Agencies to Secure Trump’s Legacy

USA TODAY: A tabloid got a trove of data on Hunter Biden from Rudy Giuliani. Now, the FBI is probing a possible disinformation campaign – “‘It is also an old Cold War disinformation tactic to pass information, especially but not exclusively when forged, to low-brow newspapers that have high circulation and low standards of investigation. Ideal for surfacing and amplification,’ Thomas Rid, a political scientist who focuses on disinformation and information warfare at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, said in a tweet.”

Washington Post [Ed. note: A good reminder that was originally published August 1, 2017]: Acting DEA administrator says Trump “condoned police misconduct” in remarks about handling suspects

The Lincoln Project video: “Swamp

Next week: Part III: 4 years of Trump’s accomplishments in hindsight – Trump’s election interference

October 17, 2020

Presidential candidates’ stands on key issues –
Plus, how America is seen from overseas!


Where Donald Trump, Joe Biden Stand on the Key Issues

“AARP interviewed presidential candidates for their views on Social Security, COVID-19 and more”

“As we have during past presidential elections, AARP reached out to the candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties to talk with us about the issues important to you. Both President Trump and former Vice President Biden graciously agreed to live phone interviews, which took place in late August. We asked many of the same questions of each, and when appropriate, we followed up. We allowed the candidates to present their views and positions without commenting on the accuracy of their claims. The interviews were edited for clarity and length.

Both candidates were eager and engaged in our conversations, which focused first on Social Security, then moved on to Medicare, nursing homes and other complex but vital topics. For the record, the candidates’ responses should not be interpreted as an AARP endorsement of any given policy position. AARP is nonpartisan and neither supports nor opposes candidates for office,” by AARP (formerly called the American Association of Retired Persons). Read more from the full report.

How America is seen from outside the country

UK’s Financial Times: Will America tear itself apart? The Supreme Court, 2020 elections and a looming constitutional crisis

October 17, 2020

* Thurston’s massive spike in COVID-19 cases with 46 more on Friday,
* One week in, nearly 25% of Thurston voters have voted,
* FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch predicts a Biden landslide!

Developed by a British research team, this chart is particularly helpful to assess the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Credit: Washington Post


Massive spike in COVID-19 cases as county adds 46 more on Friday

Boeing 737 Max is safe to fly again, Europe’s aviation regulator says

Jolt News: Progress for county’s Habitat Conservation Plan – public comment sessions scheduled

One week in, nearly 25% of Thurston County voters have already cast their ballots

World leaders pledged to protect nature. The U.S. and two others refused to commit.

He went down the QAnon rabbit hole for two years. Here’s how he got out


One dead, 13 more infected after COVID-19 outbreak at Harborview Medical Center

White House puts ‘politicals’ at CDC to try to control info

US headed toward third peak in COVID-19 cases

Risk of COVID-19 exposure on planes ‘virtually nonexistent’ when masked, study shows

White House Opposes Expanded Virus Testing, Complicating Stimulus Talks

Where Did the Flu Go? WHO Stats Show Influenza Almost Nonexistent

WHO Study Shows Remdesivir Doesn’t Lower COVID-19 Mortality

Chris Christie says he was in ICU for 7 days, urges Americans to wear masks


Trump billboard in Houston goes viral after being vandalized

Forbes: Donald Trump Has At Least $1 Billion In Debt, More Than Twice The Amount He Suggested – The president’s liabilities are spelled out in dozens of documents, published here.

Fearing a ‘Blood Bath,’ Republican Senators Begin to Edge Away From Trump

FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch Predicts a Landslide Win for Biden – disgusted by Trump’s handling of COVID-19, remarking that the president is his own worst enemy.

Salma Hayek trolled by Trump supporters after nonpartisan voting post, more news

FBI vacuums up Trump’s Future Army of Poll Watchers

VoteVets and the Lincoln Project collaborate on one of the most devastating Trump videos yet

New York Times: END OUR NATIONAL CRISIS: The Case Against Donald Trump, by the Editorial Board

Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden slams Donald Trump for ‘trampling on the graves of some of the best heroes’ by tweeting QAnon theory that Joe Biden had SEAL Team Six killed [Click here for the video interview]

Where will all the Trump staffers go? Preparing for the worst, the GOP ponders life after Trump.

Wisconsin Voter Data Shows Risks of Absentee Ballot Rejection

What ever happened to decency? “At an October 2008 rally, then-presidential candidate John McCain had to take a microphone from a supporter and tell her that Barack Obama is ‘a decent, family man.’

October 16, 2020

Honoring retired Nisqually Land Trust Executive Director Joe Kane!
Thank you for your vision, passion and commitment!

Staff - Nisqually Land Trust
Joe Kane, recently retired Executive Director of the Nisqually Land Trust. Credit: Nisqually Land Trust
  • Editor’s note: The Nisqually Land Trust has played a vital role in ensuring the environmental health of the Nisqually Basin for future generations. The great strides in acquiring shoreline in an effort to preserve the natural, pristine beauty has been in large part due to the efforts of Joe Kane, the recently retired Executive Director. His vision, passion, and dedication to the mission of the Land Trust deserves recognition, accolades and our sincere thanks and appreciation. Congratulations Joe!
  • Steve Klein, Yelm Community Blog Host.

From the Nisqually Land Trust:

Still a Small Watershed with Big Ideas 
This story is your story, too. 

Ten years ago the New York Times ran a front-page story on conservation innovation in the Nisqually Watershed. It came as no surprise to the Land Trust and our many partners here at home. We’d long known that the Nisqually is a small watershed with big ideas – ideas that resonate far beyond our borders. That hasn’t changed. 

The Nisqually Indian Tribe’s salmon-recovery program is still the best in the state and a model for cooperative conservation.

The restoration of the Nisqually estuary is still the largest estuary restoration ever completed in the Pacific Northwest. Read more from the 2019 Annual Report.

About Joe Kane

Joe Kane was a member of the Land Trust Board of Directors from 1998-2004 and was named Executive Director in 2005. He also served as the vice president of the Washington Association of Land Trusts from 2010-2014. He is the best-selling author of the books Running the Amazon and Savages, and his work has appeared in The New Yorker, National Geographic and many other publications.

Click here to read Joe Kane’s transition letter.

About the September 2020 Fundraiser

“We had an amazing evening last [month] raising critical funds for conservation work in the Nisqually. Thanks for visiting with us and for all of your generous contributions. And another big thank you to our night’s host JW Foster! 

The evening was also a very special retirement send-off for our Executive Director Joe Kane. We thank him for his incredible work. He has left a lasting mark on the Nisqually River Watershed,” by the Nisqually Land Trust.

[Editor’s note: The Land Trust raised $44,608 for the Forever Fund of the $45,000 goal.] Read more

Blogger Klein’s Family Foundation is a long-time contributor to the Land Trust.


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