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UPDATE: FBI unseals Yelm couple’s records

“A Romanian couple accused of a $68 million tax cheat in their home country was hoarding gold and had built a bunker at their Yelm home, according to recently unsealed FBI statements.”

Currently facing extradition proceedings, Radu Nemes and his wife, Diana, have been accused of conspiring with high-ranking officials in the Romanian government in a profitable tax dodge. The Nemes have extensive properties in Yelm federal investigators now contend they used laundered money to pay for a $3 million log home, and were running a number of shell businesses in Washington.

The Nemes were arrested in early March and have been jailed since as federal prosecutors seek to have the couple returned to Romania. Diana Nemes, a 38-year-old currently pregnant with her third child, is fighting to be released from custody.

Recently unsealed statements to the court show an FBI-led investigation is ongoing into a money-laundering scheme the Nemes and others are suspected of operating in Western Washington. Neither has been charged publicly with any offenses in the United States.”

“Writing the court, Diana Nemes’ attorney, Martha Boersch, described the purported scheme as a legitimate tax dispute and claimed the money at issue was earned legally,” quoting BY Levi Pulkkinen, Seattle P-I Staff.
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– UPDATE: April 20, 2014
“Romanian couple arrested in Yelm accused of laundering millions”
By Adam Lynn in the Tacoma News Tribune.
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