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Suggested changes to the Yelm-based “Best of Nisqually”

Credit: Nisqually Valley News

With the November 13, 2015 Nisqually Valley News edition of the Best of Nisqually survey results, I recommend these changes, which I shared with newspaper officials as voting was getting underway:

1. Best Elected Official could be changed to Best City Official
The NVN says on page 31 of the Best of Nisqually insert that Police Chief Todd Stancil will not be allowed to qualify for this category next year, since he is not an elected official. Why DID the newspaper qualify him for the category this year, when his is an appointed position? And if the newspaper’s error, why did they not admit such? hmmm.

2. A new category Best City Leader could be added
Unknown why the NVN kept Chief Stancil in the Elected Officials category when the submissions were tallied, even after I brought this to their attention as voting began, when they could have changed the title to Best City Official. However, to exclude him next year in either the Law Enforcement category or if not a re-titled Best City Official category, is unfair, yet he is really a city official. Interesting the NVN did not include votes for Chief Stancil to be under the Law Enforcement category this year. hmmm.

3. Best Doctor should be changed to Best Medical Professional
Kathy May is a well known and beloved professional in our community, yet is trained as a certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and not an M. D., therefore should not have been permitted in the Best Doctor category this year. She should be allowed to be recognized as the Best of Nisqually and a change to Best Medical Professional is the way to accomplish this.
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