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Midnightblue Auld

Congratulations to Yelm High School student Midnightblue Auld for being one of the youngest graduates in 39 years and possibly ever to graduate from Yelm High School, at age 15. Ms. Auld received several scholarships last week at the Yelm High School Awards Night on June 2nd, including one from Mayor Ron Harding.

The Nisqually Valley News said this about Ms. Auld, “Auld started high school in September 2005. She was a junior at the beginning of the school year, and became a senior half way through.

By supplementing regular classes at public school with home schooling and running start classes, Auld was able to skip a few grades.

From the day she was born, she was home schooled, said Anita Auld, Aulds mother.

Teaching her at home was fun, it became a creative sort of game. She was definitely reading by 3, to me that was an indication she needed to go to school early.

The next step in life for Auld is to enter college before she is old enough to drive or hold a full-time job.

Auld expects her freshman year to be the toughest, but once she turns 16, she said her life should get a bit easier.

Still, Auld will be living independently in a dorm before she becomes a legal adult, and throughout most of her college years.

Auld doesnt turn 18 until February of her junior year in college, as long as she doesnt skip any grades there…

At age 2 she took her first ballet classes, and at age 3 she participated in her first play.

Auld learned dance at Prairie Dance Center in Yelm, and got a taste for acting at the Drew Harvey Theater.

Before the theater closed in 2005, Auld performed in 52 shows…

One of her greatest mentors as a child was Nancy Hillman, who was executive director for the Drew Harvey Theater, and was a child actress herself.”

[Ed. Note: Midnightblue’s mother Anita tells the Yelm Community Blog that the NVN coverage last Friday of this story was incorrect in several key areas:
Anita said, “I did not say I channeled her spirit to get her name. I asked her spirit what she wanted to be called. The writer was supposed to say that Midnight credited much of her success to the disciplines and focus she had learned at RSE (Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment)…
The idea was that she set a goal and worked hard to achieve it. It was never a joke (or fun between friends) for her, as stated (in the NVN story).”
Anita further says, “She was the youngest to ever be admitted to the SPSCC (South Puget Sound Community College) Running Start Program and has managed to get 42 college credits this year.

Congratulations also to Midnightblue’s mother Anita Auld and father Efim Alter! Their devotion, love, and fine parenting has shined in the contributions their daughter has made in our lives – especially her lively directions to the fire exits of the Drew Harvey Theater as a little girl!]

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