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“Paradise Organics began with our own desire to embrace a healthier lifestyle and rapidly grew into one of the most popular local organic farms catering to people with a growing awareness and desire to eat more life sustaining food. Educational awareness concerning the quality, nature, and reliability of locally grown food is spurring people to seek healthier alternatives to the typically lower quality and convenience offered by corporate mainstream supermarkets.

By eliminating long distance transportation and associated middlemen in the food distribution scheme, local farms are able to offer fresher, healthier produce while holding prices at reasonable levels thus attracting people who thought purchasing organic was beyond their budget. People feel better about what theyre eating and we feel better about our contribution to society.

Creating and maintaining local markets while simultaneously caring for the land is challenging; indeed, most small farmers enjoy little vacation time and work long hours all year with minimal pay. On the upside, we feel good about ourselves and the land we nurture, eat very well and provide valuable community services such as reducing global resource impacts. We can benefit the global scene while acting local, its easy.

Local farms provide local jobs; more importantly, sustainable agriculture is about providing the community with quality food while nurturing the land to greater levels of fertility for the enjoyment of following generations. In the above ways, we believe that many of our greatest community goals are achieved.

The essential practice of the Iroquois, that: “In every deliberation we must consider the impact on the seventh generation is a concept being embraced by Paradise Organics and many other small farms. We feel the multifaceted methods of implementation noble seeing that [it] tends to steer the mind away from the linear, single strategy thinking so prevalent in modern society. Tunnel vision, tunnel thinking both are traceable to lack of education. Lack of education, is at least in part traceable to lack of proper nutrition. This is where local organic farms can really make a difference. That difference will manifest itself in the form of local empowerment that will reach the mightiest of political bodies.

Former chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volker, now Obama economic adviser, recently stated The standard of living of the average American has to decline… I don’t think you can escape that.” While Paradise Organics makes no claim to address the overall American standard of living, we take on the challenge ourselves along with other local farms to accelerate and intensify the quality of foods obtainable within our local communities. This simple act helps people maintain optimal health thereby contributing to better thinking abilities that in turn can help our communities make smarter choices about maintaining better standards of living!

People who support local sustainable agriculture do much more than support their own immediate health. They support the creation of local jobs, empower local monetary systems, decentralize corporate food growing and supply channels, and contribute to the spiritual and psychological health of their respective communities. These are worthy goals and once committed to, lay solid foundation for local empowerment that transforms the reality of every individual.

The local farmer is a small but extremely important part of the larger global community. Our profession is first among the most basic needed by humanity. It underpins the success of all modern society, yet is one of the least monetarily rewarded. We salute ourselves and all who choose the path of providing sustainable agricultural products within their communities and likewise salute the increasing number of people who support us.

Paradise Organics
Committed to providing the finest quality, naturally grown produce available within our local community at affordable prices. Come taste the difference!”

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Paradise Organics

18819 Sorenson Road SE
Yelm, WA 98597
Bob Foster
Open 10 AM til 7 PM – 7 days a week (April 15 – Dec 15) Other times by appointment.
A Certified Naturally Grown member.

MastersConnection is pleased to announce that Paradise Organics will occupy a prominent place in our online forum. Paradise will maintain an updated weekly listing of their available organic farm products. Including seasonal information about the health benefits of certain vegetables, fruits and herbs – plus unique recipes & other botanically relevant items of local, global or political interest.” CLICK HERE FOR THE FORUM.


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