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The following is a list of local resources available to the public and staffed with fine folks who will assist in your preparation endeavors – all locally owned and operated:

The Survival Center

America’s Premier Preparedness Center
In Continuous Operation Since the early 1970’s
Supplier of Family Preparedness, Health, and Survival Supplies
We have the knowledge and experience.
Call us at 458-6778

Earth Wave Living
Ride the wave to self sufficient living
Call us at (360) 264-7778

Optimum Preparedness
We have been helping people prepare for disasters for over 20 years. We offer a full line of survival kits, food storage, water filters, first aid kits & medical supplies, micro greens/sprouting supplies, portable stoves, weather radios, propane appliances, hand pumps and more.
Call us at 339-4329

Happy Hovel Foods

We have been in the bulk food storage business for over 20 years, bringing to you our knowledge and expertise in food storage, the preservation of seeds, water & eggs, and much, much more. Our foods are of the highest quality – suitable for being stored for ten to fifteen years without spoiling.
Call us at 400-0902

Beyond the Ordinary internet radio
Locally-based internet radio site broadcasting to an international listener base, offers their archived “Preparedness Series Programs”.
Read more

Masters Connection 2020
Serving the Ramtha School of Enlightenment International Community of Students and Friends.
A wealth of knowledge is archived including these two stories about our recent storms:

“What I learned in 5 days without power”
Read more

“What a Runner”
Read more
Call us toll free for information or to advertise with us: 1-855-726-2020

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment
Locally operated since 1988, when Ramtha began a series of teachings which became the foundation for the School of Ancient Wisdom, the quintessential school of the mind.
“Ramthas teachings on personal sovereignty, the importance of growing your own food on your land, and saving seeds for the days to come are well known to his students since the early 1980s,” quoting RSE.

Yelm Food Coop
As our communitys only natural and organic market, we are committed to being your resource for wholesome natural foods and nutritional products.
The Co-op is member-owned and operated, but everyone is welcome we are open to the public!
Call us at 400-2210

South Sound Seed Stewards
Knowing that in our present geopolitical state, many seed companies, which have provided the non-hybrid and open-pollinated varieties, are no longer in business and/or are producing hybrid varieties mainly for the commercial growers, South Sound Seed Stewards has organized for the purpose of:
Encouraging community independence and self-reliance through producing and sharing locally-adapted, open-pollinated seeds.
Contact us to join: s4secretary@fairpoint.net

Emergency Preparedness Roundtable
Friday, February 10 at the Centralia College
Read more

Map Your Neighborhood classes
“Thurston County Emergency Management offers Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) train-the-trainer courses for residents who want to organize their neighborhoods for emergency preparedness.
Read more about the most recent class.

Editor’s Note:
The recent record snow and ice storm revealed for many in the Nisqually Valley that they are woefully unprepared in the event power and communications are out for more than a day during a cold winter. Yet, many area students from Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment had no such distress, being taught for 30+ years to store food and water, have stored firewood for a wood stove to heat/cook and to not depend on electricity.

Local neighborhood groups had two-way radios and/or Citizen Band radios to communicate. Indeed, the Yelm Community Blog assisted thousands of people being informed who had smart phones and/or generators that were able to access this blog with updates, all because preparedness ensured this website could continue to operate seamlessly.

Hopefully, any issues about the food storage practices of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) students can now be laid to rest. The Mormon Church members and students of RSE were THE ones prepared to handle 5+ days without electricity, and to have nice warm showers, plenty of food and heat and do it all seamlessly at home, providing refuge for unprepared neighbors.

Let’s take the Nisqually Valley News Op-Ed titled “Around every ice storm theres a silver lining” and see the value of preparedness.

Awareness of this as an issue is the silver lining alone.
The newspaper’s Op-Ed demonstrated that.

Yet an even greater impact would be if the sponsors of the April Home & Garden Show (Nisqually Valley News, City of Yelm, Yelm Chamber of Commerce) join with Thurston County officials, area emergency responders and locally-owned preparation proprietors to reinstate the Preparedness Section at the April Home & Garden Show and solicit these businesses with an advertising page(s) in the Home Show’s special newspaper insert. Now is the time to make a Preparedness Area in the Home Show a success, with this present in the minds of participants.

Knowledge about being prepared is in the public mainstream:

– Two former U.S. presidents, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, urged the public to be prepared.
See the Public Service Announcement (PSA) from Homeland Security.

– FEMA’s Ready.gov site is a great tool.
Their motto: “Prepare, plan, stay informed”
Read more

– Mayor Harding and some staff attended an emergency preparedness seminar back east last summer.
The public has not been informed on what was learned and what has been incorporated for citizens here. Perhaps the city’s Emergency Section on the homepage can be made more prominent with seminar presentations by Yelm officials for city and non-city residents, since state highways are the life-blood that connects this area and traverses town.
Read more by clicking Emergency Management on the right.

Don’t want to do any of this to prepare?
That’s fine, too.

Then, in the next storm when power & communications are out, you may be on your own if emergency workers and your neighbors can not get to you. Call our locally owned businesses today and get started!
It’s never too late until you need them…

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