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* Yelm women organize “Freedom” Rally at Capitol last Sat.,
* Get educated on Aug. 3 Primary – ballots mailed Wed.,
* Trump Org. removed Weisselberg as officer of subsidiaries !
Yelm resident Sarah Greulich. who helped organize the Freedom Rally in Olympia on Saturday, July 10.
Credit: The Chronicle (Centralia)


+ The Chronicle (Centralia): Lawmakers Speak at Freedom Rally in Olympia last Saturday – Yelm resident Sarah Greulich and Kelley Palomino helped organize the event [Ed. note: This event’s comments labeled this an “extremist” gathering.]

+ The Olympian Editorial Board: Get educated about direction-setting local elections on the Aug. 3 primary ballot – ballots go in the mail this Wedneaday


Mother Jones: Texas Democrats Will Flee State to Thwart GOP Voter Suppression Bill – depriving the state’s GOP of the two-thirds quorum required to conduct state business and effectively shut down Texas’ House of Representatives.

The New York Times via MSN: F.D.A. Will Attach Warning of Guillain-Barré Syndrome to Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

CNN: America desperately needs 1 million more construction workers

Rachel Maddow: The last American election? 2020 and the rise of the anti-democrats – The red lights are blinking brighter than ever.

Entrepreneur via MSN: Amazon will now be able to track your dream with a radar

The Washington Post: What happens to the economy when $5.2 trillion in stimulus wears off?

The Columbus Dispatch (OH.) via The Olympian: COVID-19 convinced farmers to sell directly to consumers, something they say they’ll keep doing


The Wall Street Journal: Trump Organization CFO Removed as Officer of Subsidiaries, Records Show – Former president’s company is discussing changes in its financial leadership after indictment accused Allen Weisselberg of tax fraud

NBC News: Trump lawyers might be penalized for baseless claims of election fraud in Michigan

MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes: ‘That’s a lie’: Jan. 6 police officer on Trump rebranding riot as ‘love fest’

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  1. Shelley Lucus
    I've been pretty disappointed by Centralia Chronicle's journalistic practices lately. They have a very perceptible "radical right" skew to their Covid coverage. Although, it is good to document the idiot politicians. Anti-maskers are so exhausting, I can't hardly take it anymore. If everyone had gotten on board with wearing masks a year ago, the pandemic would be over by now, schools would have opened months ago, and hundreds of thousands of people would still be alive. For God's sake.
    • Steve
      The Chronicle and the Nisqually Valley News have the same parent co.
  2. Shelley Lucus
    It's because the NVN and Chronicle are the same company that emphasizes the Chronicle's skewed coverage. You see articles in the Chronicle and not NVN -- like the low vaccination rates in South Thurston zip codes (with odd graphic choice and ridiculous quotes by Commissioner Edwards), and now this photo spread about the 'Freedom Rally' with the Yelm resident.
    • Steve
      Yep, very observant!

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